Sarah Barnard

Some designers have a very unique style which works well for them and provides customers with exactly what they require. On the other hand, it is extremely satisfying to come across an interior designer who’s skills and imagination are so versatile that they can produce a range of equally distinguished and yet completely individual designs. Sarah Barnard certainly falls into the second category. Her projects range from the light, airy “Ocean Avenue Penthouse” through to the “ Cosmopolitan Craftsman” featuring

Rise To The Surface…

Kitchen worktops are the main functional feature of a kitchen and yet they do not seem to be given the attention they deserve. Maybe that is because worktops require functionality more than creativity; you need to have room to place items down conveniently, on surfaces that will not be damaged easily. With tough economic conditions in recent years, designers have noticed a reduction in experimentation from their clients. Designer and blogger Kelly Morisseau says, “I see quartz counter tops going

Isola Linear From Toyo.

For those whose strengths do not lie in engineering or architecture, a cantilever is “an architectural structure comprising a beam fixed at one end and free at the other”. A diving board is a perfect example of a cantilever, and Toyo Kitchen’s latest Isola kitchen is certainly one to dive into!   Like something from the catwalk, this is probably not something you would want installed in your home (unless you live in an art gallery) but more that you

The Pot Calling the……What Black?

Homeowners can now cook vegetables, create pasta dishes and make a cup of tea quicker than ever before. The Franke Minerva Boiling Water Tap eliminates the time spent on basic kitchen preparation by the delivering 100°c boiling water at point of use instantly. No longer will a kettle take up space on crowded kitchen surfaces and ruin the delicate design with entangled wires. This represents the future in kitchen essentials, offering hot, cold and instant boiling water to save time,

Relax At The Bar With Jessica Charles…

Based in Hickory, North Carolina, an area with deep roots in furniture production, Jessica Charles continues the tradition with a creative, contemporary twist…. Jessica Charles has created a diverse range of bar stools, with individual quirks making each very different from the last. From the suave sophistication of the Rayford Memory Stool and old English style of the Nicolae Memory Stool, designs then stretch to a very modern, minimal style with the Metro Bar Stool. The Lauren Bar Stool provides

Design. Then Edit…

NB Design Group’s very own Nancy Burfield talks about the Washington based business as it approaches its 25th year. After being shortlisted this year for her Capitol Hill Kitchen design, Nancy hopes to continue her success in high-end property design with a focus on the environment, nature and original art…. What direction do you feel design is moving towards in general terms? Design is becoming more aware and thoughtful in how it impacts the environment and the people and animals

Caple’s Catwalk Kitchens

Caple aims to produce a “truly fresh and exciting” portfolio of products for the home, and its latest kitchen range certainly fits the bill!   The new Taos range of kitchens, has been designed with an “ultra contemporary style” for those wishing to make their kitchen stand out. With 14 different high-gloss kitchens to choose from in five different colours, customers should be able to find a style to match their personality. Colour options include white or cream for those

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