Maison Arabella

Extraordinarily Crafted Manor House by Maison Arabella

Maison Arabella have been shortlisted for Kitchen Design Over £150,000 Award  in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2020.

When Maison Arabella engaged with the client for the design of their newly built manor house, the key element was to design a kitchen that would be awe-inspiring. The client, a marble sculptor in her free time, wanted to incorporate an art marble feature, whilst offering the best equipment for a professional cooking experience at home.

It was important to unite style with function and create a space that would be an experiential part of the house. Cooking and dining are integral to the client entertainment offering, therefore creating a homely and intimate feel whilst retaining the glamour that runs across every other space of the property was essential.

Maison Arabella

Maison Arabella designed the kitchen considering very carefully the existing interior architecture to accommodate a top of the range customized kitchen by Officine Gullo, in the silver grey and polished chrome combination. The colour combination was chosen to enhance the natural light that floods into the room from the large sliding door overlooking the garden. This added drama by making the kitchen feel luminous and invigorating complementing the client’s character.

Maison Arabella

The kitchen was the starting point of the project and became the heart of this beautiful home. Therefore, there is an overarching conversation between this space and the rest of the home which set a narrative to Maison Arabella’s design ethos. You see this expressed in the selected finishes and the architectural details, for example the specialist marble which has been carefully sourced. The intrinsic characteristics of this material, in particular the kitchen splashback which has unique colouring and organic veining in contrast with the white marble flooring carefully sourced not to include veining or too much movement to add contrast. Each room features some marble elements that are complemented by other high-quality materials, and it is in the kitchen that it makes the strongest statement.

Maison Arabella

The key aspect of this project truly is the impact of the marble splash back as well as the custom silver-grey finish of the ultimate professional kitchen. The interiors made elegantly decorative and extraordinarily crafted, carefully blending natural and sophisticated design, has given the house bright new life. Joas Souza Photography.

Maison Arabella

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