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Modern Luxury by Distinct Interior Design

Distinct Interior Design has been shortlisted for Living Space – Canada Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2021.

This home located in the Windermere area of Edmonton was fully furnished and decorated by Distinct Interior Design, granting the clients’ wish for a comfortable, functional, elegant, and modern home.

Distinct Interior Design

The idea was to create a comfortable and functional family home, keeping the contemporary feel whilst adding warmth to the residence. Based on the property’s classic style, Distinct Interior Design aimed to keep the flow of colour and style unified throughout the home, yet create a clear identification of each room. The designers began with a neutral colour palette to complement the existing elements, layered with a touch of walnut for warmth, and designed it with unique furniture pieces and artwork to complete the aesthetic.

Distinct Interior Design

With three living areas in the home, each was planned to host a large number of guests with plenty of seating – the dining area is also able to seat 12. The functionality of each space was unique, though was established to work well overall. The successful design is credited to the flow of colours, scale, proportions, and attention to detail by the designers, who were responsible for the project in it’s entirety. Repeating the uniform palette was streamlined to ensure all details and elements were cohesive.

Distinct Interior Design

Spacial planning and presentation of renderings were important for Distinct Interior Designers to show the client for approval. The clients’ initial approval made the process for the designers fun, with the designers’ best aspect of the project being the final reveal.

Distinct Interior Design

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