Rigby & Rigby

OX7 149 by Rigby & Rigby

Rigby & Rigby have been shortlisted for Luxury Residence – UK Award in the The International Design & Architecture Awards 2020.

The design brief was to create a contemporary feel to a traditional countryside home highlighting the architectural details. The inspiration for this project was strongly led by the client, as they had some very clear and specific ideas about what they were looking to achieve. Rigby & Rigby guided the client to ensure the designers could turn their ideas and concepts into a working reality, as well as ensure that all the disparate ideas came together in a harmonious fashion. Striking, but welcoming, with a calm underlying palette that creates a comfortable backdrop and enables the more dramatic elements to come forward without being too overpowering.

Rigby & Rigby

Rigby & Rigby’s favourite part of the project was working with closely with the client to create bespoke furnishings and discovering new suppliers. One of the key features included creating a patterned mosaic for the entrance hallway. Specialist decorative artisan skills were used to create the client’s metal artwork in the lobby area. The client wanted to have a photograph that he had taken in Tuscany, Italy transferred into a beautiful textured bronze art piece.

Rigby & Rigby

The house is surrounded by nature and set in a vast estate in the beautiful Cotswolds countryside, so it was important to bring the outside into the interiors. A conservatory was added as an extension for the client to enjoy the views and have a place to unwind. The colour palette chosen was also calming and tranquil using shades of blues throughout the house. Traditional Cotswold architecture, with its think stone walls, doesn’t usually lend itself to light interiors, but here Rigby & Rigby have achieved this by keeping the palette light and having a clever use of artificial lighting.

Rigby & Rigby

Rigby & Rigby

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