Light IQ Shortlisted in the International Product Design Awards 2014

Light IQ are Shortlisted for the Table Award in the International Product Design Awards 2014 Light IQ pushed the boundaries of design and manufacturing with the eye-catching form of this highly original table. The design brief was to create a table which would promote lighting as a design feature of everyday objects. The exceptional ‘TableLamp’ designed by Kirstie Wilson marks the first time Marblo, with it’s Oyster Shell Marble appearace has been utilised to this effect. The multifunctional use of

Congratulations to ShellShock Designs, winner of the Wallcovering Award in The International Product Design Awards 2014

ShellShock Designs successfully won the Wallcovering award in the International Product Design Awards 2014. The Galaxy Hotel offers luxurious 5-star accommodation within the Galaxy Macau Resort, across Macau’s ‘Old Taipa Village’. ShellShock Designs’ Faux Alabaster is used in many locations across the hotel. The examples shown are an elaborate wall decoration of a supporting pillar extending down to a trendy bar front. Examples of the Faux Alabaster can also be seen as simple dividers that have been back lit, rendering them as

2nd Shortlist success for Atrium: Goldman Lamp shortlisted in the Lighting Lamp category

Atrium have successfully been shortlisted in the Lighting Lamp award for their Goldman Lamp project in the International Product Design Awards 2014. Banker’s lamps are one of the earliest kinds of electric lamps, made as early as the 1800’s. Typically composed of a solid brass base and a green glass shade, they functioned as accent or task lighting. They were originally used by bankers, who worked for long hours looking at small numbers and needed extra light on their desk

Shortlist success: Atrium’s Aim Lamp shortlisted in the Lighting Pendant/Chandelier category

Atrium have been shortlisted for the Lighting Pendant/Chandelier award for their project Aim Lamp in the International Product Design Awards 2014. The Aim lamps designed by the Bouroullec brothers for Flos, are influenced and inspired by nature. They have a playful, minimalist design that creates a vivacious tangle of wires which seem to grow like branches or climbing plants and through the simplicity of its design reduces the lamp to a wire and a light source. In addition it is

Shortlist Success For Extex in the International Product Design Awards 2014

Extex have been successfully shortlisted in the ‘Fabric’ category of the International Product Design Awards 2014. Launched in June 2013 their project  ‘Solar’ is a pioneering and stunning glow in the dark fabric with a striking impact. It’s the first luxurious fabric of its kind, designed and manufactured in the UK. Solar is a specially hand printed fabric with a glow-in-the-dark effect that appears as a subtle and sophisticated tone-on-tone patterned fabric by day, transforming into a striking luminescent galaxy

Sylka Carpets

SYLKA™ products are made with a new fibre system NuSilk™. This fibre system is a luxury fibre engineered to replicate the delicate aesthetic qualities of natural silk. Although products made with NuSilk™ are delicate and luxurious to touch, the polymer from which NuSilk™ is derived makes it extremely durable and hardwearing. The SYLKA™ collection, unlike any other natural silk or faux silk product, has a commercial grading, making it suitable for commercial use such as corporate, hospitality, luxury hotels, penthouses,