The Alexander, A Luxury Collection Hotel, Yerevan by Alexander James Interiors

Alexander James Interiors have been shortlisted for Hotel Under 200 Rooms- Europe Award in The International Hotel and Property Awards 2021.

The brief was to create the first luxury hotel in Yerevan, strong visual reference was to be made to the location, however, AJI were given the freedom to determine where these influences would be used within the design.

The designer chose to be guided by the richness of Armenian history, the hotels proximity to Mount Ararat, according to Christianity the resting place of Noah’s Ark, along with the sun worshipping practices of ancient Armenians formed the starting point for the design concept.

The hotel has 114 guestrooms with 40 guestroom types including a luxurious Presidential Suite at the top of the building with dramatic views over the city, having many room types serves to give the guests a unique experience even with multiple stays. Panoramic views are also shared by the Spa and pool as well as the main restaurant, this restaurant space is broken down into a variety of seating zones with the use of a mixture of chair and dining sofa types and includes a Private Dining Room.

A particular requirement of the hotel was a Cigar Lounge which is designed to resemble a gentleman’s club with the overtones of a classic library. A dramatic ceiling feature was designed for the Pre-Function Room, this is part light fitting part sculpture, the polished shapes reflect the custom designed carpet which, as most with of the other bespoke carpets within the hotel, is influenced by traditional Armenian carpet patterns. The Client felt that the desire to bring the history of Yerevan and Armenia into the hotel was very successfully achieved by Alexander James International.

The warm and inviting reception area with the artwork and pattern influences running throughout the hotel bringing the whole interior together in a cohesive way. The artwork and pattern elements repeated throughout the hotel are taken from the rich Armenian culture, this helps to give both a strong sense of place whilst at the same time creating a coherent experience for the hotel guest, there is interest at local references at every turn.

Yerevan is described as a “pink city” due to many of the buildings being made from the local, naturally coloured volcanic stone, this sense of beauty and warmth is reflected in the interior of the hotel.

Alexander James Interiors


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