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181 Fremont by Kendall Wilkinson Design

Kendall Wilkinson Design  have been shortlisted for Cityspace (Apartment/Penthouse) – Global Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2020.

The design of this exquisite $15.5 million penthouse property speaks to the level of quality and stellar amenities within its host building, 181 Fremont. The concept and floor plan lend it to both formal and informal gatherings as well as luxurious living on a grand scale.

Kendall Wilkinson Design

The apartment is designed to accommodate every need or desire one may have for an upscale, metropolitan lifestyle. The Kendall Wilkinson Design team spent nine months designing the interior and outfitting it with everything from the custom floors and rugs to bedding. In contrast to the building’s linear architecture, curvaceous forms, pops of bright colours, fabrics and materials were utilized to create softness and a sense of luxury. The design team used a colour palette of deep turquoise with bold accents of tangerine in the more public spaces while the master suite is quietly elegant in a palette of cream and aubergine. Overall, the decor is meant to evoke 80’s glamour with its matte metallic accent pieces and curvy furniture silhouettes.

Kendall Wilkinson Design

Through its floor-to-ceiling windows, the penthouse overlooks the San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge, Treasure Island, Sutro Tower, and Mount Diablo among other San Francisco landmarks. The furnishings hold their own in daylight and at night. Zones for public and private living are clearly defined. The space is reflective of the priceless view, 700 feet above the city lights where one can watch the sunrise reflecting on the ocean and over the Bay Bridge in beautiful San Francisco.

Curvaceous furniture offers a pleasing juxtaposition to the angular architecture, creating an inviting environment. Orienting the furnishings toward the east, the spectacular view of the Bay Bridge is seen to its best advantage. The additions of features like the Eco fire unit brings warmth into the space and encourages socializing and conversation or simple relaxation, while any visual entertainment is contained in separate quarters. Teal and cream tones connect the interior to the exterior without competing for attention and allowing the view and beauty of the room speak for themselves. The decor is modern, but not cold, and is conducive to comfortable urban living.

Kendall Wilkinson Design

The Kendall Wilkinson Design team were able to highlight the many spectacular views provided by this unit. It is the ultimate in San Francisco high rise living in a stellar building. The custom features make it a jewel in the crown of 181 Fremont and an aspirational showpiece on a broader scale.

Kendall Wilkinson Design

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