20th vs 21st Century by D-Cor

D-Cor have been shortlisted for Ski Chalet Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards.

20th vs 21st century is D-Cor’s creation of a family lodge in the purest tradition of a mountain chalet, with all the advantages of modernity. Incorporating elements of it’s surroundings, everything about this house is in harmony with nature, which seems to have been created after the house. The design seems like he dictated his surrounding by his purity.


The brief was for D-Cor to design a unifying chalet in the traditional ancestral style of the beginning of the 20th century, where people can share unforgettable moments on the mountainside. Where the sight of nature is a priority just as much as promoting artisanal craftsmanship. The priority that this property blends into the environment. That this chalet be built with ancestral methods: exposed framework, no visible screws, wooden dowel, three mass fireplaces built on site, natural stone extracted and cut on site. Wood cut at a sawmill and not in supermarkets, Cremone bolt and fenestrations designed and produced to measure. The next challenge for D-Cor was to preserve this chalet over time by adding all the modernity and functionality of today: home automation, geothermal energy, underfloor heating, solar panel, and many more. Tradition vs modernity.


The structure of the project is striking, both inside and outside. The huge wooden beam that meets and intersects in and outside the house give it an ancestral feel. This, along with the omnipresent technologies that are invisible are D-Cor’s favourite elements of the home, summarising the ancestral character of the piece with the commodity of a modern home.


It is in perfect harmony with its environment. Raw and natural materials like the red American cedar are processed on site, with the natural appearance has been preserved to allow the chalet to blend into its surroundings. The client wanted a house that had the cachet and the appearance like it has been built 100 years ago without the constraints of that time. A construction with ancestral methods that blends into an environment and the lifestyle of a modern family. Large openings and fenestration are among other elements that D-Cor included to fight the constraint of this time. The construction has all the practical aspects of a modern house with the cachet of a house from another era.


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