Congratulations to 2pi r Design shortlisted for Hotel Under 200 Rooms – Asia Pacific Award in The International Hotel & Property Awards 2020

design et al are delighted to announce that 2pi r Design has been shortlisted for Hotel Under 200 Rooms – Asia Pacific Award in The International Hotel & Property Awards 2020.

Hotel Kapok believes that a hotel stay should be more than just a place to sleep, and so when 2pi r Design were asked to complete their first full renovation, their priority was to offer private and public spaces which encourage balance, energy, and community. Recognised as the landmark location that launched the prestigious Hotel Kapok brand, the demand in their growing portfolio signalled the design of a new concept: to meet the needs of a booming Chinese tourism market and target a changing demographic of travellers.

2pi r Design

Both the Hotel and it’s design focuses on providing a holistic lifestyle whilst travelling. To encourage health and wellness, room service delivers fitness equipment, such as yoga mats, weights, or body flex cables, if guests prefer to exercise in the privacy of their own space, rather than in the on-site gym; the hotel rooms accommodate this with a simplistic aesthetic, designed to be clutter free and have ample floor space. 2pi r Design chose to take on a simple design philosophy for the guest suites – focusing on timeless, natural materials for restful recharge rather than trendy and unnecessary decor. 2pi r Design’s preference for artisan handiwork by local craftsman, over machine-made pieces, can be seen throughout the hand-brushed oak planks and mill-work. The neutral tones and soft fabrics create a calming palette for each of the rooms, counteracting the toll of travel on frequent business travellers and allowing them their own cosy haven.

2pi r Design

Community is prioritised in the lobby area of Hotel Kapok Shenzhen, where 2pi r Design’s new design for the space breaks traditional hotel conventions to promote social interactions. The lobby features a self check-in service, replacing the check-in counter with a coffee bar, lounge, and co-working area to encourage communication within a lively lobby atmosphere. 2pi r Design have chosen adaptable furniture for this area to accommodate a wide variety of social functions, and the space is equipped with technology to become an impromptu work space should inspiration strike. The informality of the service that the hotel provides is echoed in the design of the public areas, where a neutral colour palette creates a calm atmosphere to contrast the busy lifestyle of a business traveller, and 2pi r Design were able to create a functional yet contemporary design.

2pi r Design


2pi r Design

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