Further Shortlist Success for Peugeot Design Lab at the IY&A Awards 2015

Peugeot Design Lab has achieved further shortlist success at the International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2015. This Yacht Concept will compete in the Concept up to 40m Award.

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This 30m-yacht concept by Peugeot Design Lab is an innovative design, with a deck that flows completely over the cabin area. Due to the unbroken sweep of glass panels around the hull, the interior ambiance is unparalleled, allowing plenty of natural light to shine through the cabin.

Peugeot-Design-Lab-Concept-Yacht-Presse-HD-012 (Custom)

The integrated cabling is neatly grouped under the deck, creating an unencumbered space, while automatic drums store the ropes and electric winches allow control of the boat at the touch of a button.



Peugeot-Design-Lab-Concept-Yacht-Presse-HD-005 (Custom)

This unique design creates a very safe and enjoyable experience for relaxing at sea without sacrificing performance or aesthetics.

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