5 Minutes with Stuart Scott…

The past two years have been a bit of a whirl wind for Stuart Scott, from its conception in 2011 Stuart Scott Associates has produced a collection for exclusive 4th floor at Liberty, designed an award winning  collection of furniture and established himself as a leading name in furniture design. In amongst his hectic schedule he took five minutes to give us a brief insight into his design world.

What direction do you feel design is moving towards in general terms?

I think design is moving towards more of a classic feel where people are looking to make more of an investment in something that is built well and has longevity to it.This is a positive reaction to the throw away culture of recent years.

What are the key influencing elements at present?

There seems to be a real interest in process led design currently. Also, I feel more of us are looking to create something that has an element at least of handmade or artisan about it.

What sort of projects are you working on at the moment?

I’ve just finished my second collection of furniture and have also started working with Liberty of London, Aside from this I’m working on a bespoke Audio Visual Cabinet for a private client. I’m also looking at our next collection to launch at Decorex 2012.

A designer’s work is so diverse – how do you manage to hold down a career and a life?

I discuss this a lot, and it really comes down to loving what you do. My career is also my hobby, but it is often difficult to strike a balance between professional and personal life, particularly as I have a very young family and they deserve my time too.


If you could offer one piece of advice when it comes to design schemes, what would it be?

Patience – clients often want things quickly, but often and in particular when you’re dealing with bespoke, it is essential to get the details right as clients are spending a lot of their hard earned cash.

How important do you feel Design Awards are as recognition of designers talents and achievements?

It’s a bonus to be recognised for what you’ve created, particularly by your contemporaries.

What are your aims and goals for the next twelve months?

To keep producing exciting products that people aspire to own. Our brand is quite new so it’s important that we focus on doing the best we can and continue to consolidate and listen to feedback.


Quick Fire Questions:

The car you drive?

They do say a car can say a lot about a person so I’d rather not say, fear of being labelled a boy racer at 41!

Your favourite place to travel to in the world?

Positano, Italy

Your favourite hotel/ restaurant/ bar?

– Hotel – anywhere with a great shower!

– Restaurant – Café Marly, Paris.

– Bar – Anywhere that serves a good mint julep!

The place that gives you the most energy?

My studio / workshop on Paxcroft Farm, Wiltshire.

And the place that enables you to totally relax?

Constantine Bay near Padstow, Cornwall – with my family.

Your favourite food and drink?

Steak with café du Paris sauce / Jameson’s whisky on the rocks


Anything else interesting?