Congratulations to A2zen Consulting who have been shortlisted for Beach House Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2019

design et al are delighted to announce that A2zen Consulting have been shortlisted for Beach House Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2019.

This project was one which A2zen Consulting found a very special renovation project for them and one in which they involved a lot of energy and passion. The Property was originally a very traditional property with red cotto floors and heavy wooden doors and furniture. The challenge was to produce a modern interpretation maintaining the typicality of the architecture. The aim was to create a bright lively environment for entertaining and relaxing.

A2zen Consulting

A2zen Consulting’s favourite aspect of the project was the front door, which was designed to become the signature piece of the house. A2zen Consulting wanted to create a grand entrance which would set the tone for the rest of the property’s design whereby a calm and contemporary feel was created whilst also keeping the property’s original architecture and structure.

A2zen Consulting

A very light pallet was used through the property which helped to brighten all rooms whilst also keeping the grandeur of the property and the spacious rooms that flow through the property due to its traditional architectural nature. Splashes of Mediterranean colours on soft furnishings were used to bring the property to life with recurring spots of yellow. These accents of colour are the elements which help bring the old and the new together.

All carpentry that features with the property is designed bespoke and availed of the best artisans on the market to produce a high level of quality and functionality. This was important to get right as it was a large part of the overall look and feel of the property.

A2zen Consulting

The beach house fits into the wider environment through its light and bright pallet and due to keeping in line with the property’s original architecture. This was done perfectly by using all the Beach house’s original features and simply adding a new lease of life through the pallet, furniture and bespoke carpentry.

A2zen Consulting

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