Congratulations to A2Zen Consulting who were the Winners of the Bedroom Award in the 2015 Awards

It is with great pleasure that design et al announce the shortlisting of A2Zen for the Bedroom Award in the ID&A Awards 2015. This is an exclusive private residential sea-front resort with a private beach.

A2Zen - Naithan 2 - Beedroom -Thumbnail

Luxury and comfort are the commanding principle of the bedrooms with open sea-views. Absolutely no stainless steel was allowed, hence the extensive use of bronze and dark nickel, and a there was a specific request for a neutral pallet. Walk in cabinets, pantry and en-suite are all secluded behind the teak panelling. All that is beautiful is visible, all that is useful is secluded.

A2Zen - Naithan 2 - Beedroom Image 3

The project is terraced in the Naithon coastline and is completely secluded maintaining the natural contour of the land and absolute respect of nature. It is a modern day Palace. The bedroom design, works so well as it is within the stone/view/teak philosophy of the villa.

A2Zen - Naithan 2 - Beedroom Image 2

The interior design of this bedroom was developed by Antonio Eraso of WeCraft Group and A2Zen contributed in putting together the furniture package and the entire joinery scope. The furniture selection went through fourteen full reviews and was developed over a four year period.