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Aalto Exclusive Design have been shortlisted for Interior Design Scheme – Europe Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards.

This stunning contemporary residence is situated on the golf course and provides beautiful sea views. Aalto Exclusive Design worked to incorporate these views by blending them within the interiors of the large open social spaces. The overarching design for this project was to create a harmonious and natural scheme that welcomed inspirations from the surrounding nature in it’s tones and textures, though it also had to remain a design that was personal to the homeowners, meaning that each room provides a slight contrast to the one before, allowing the personality of it’s residents to be depicted.

Aalto Exclusive Design

Aalto Exclusive Design’s work on this residential villa starts with its architecture. The villa has a vast window opening onto the golf course and sea view, and the interior colours and style are adapted to the architecture and the surrounding golf course environment. The living, dining and kitchen area of this property features an open plan layout and receives an abundance of natural sunlight, making for a beautiful atmosphere and soft harmony with the natural colours of the interiors – greys and greens – whilst still accommodating each family member’s personal taste. Being situated in a modern development with a lot of greenery and sufficient spaces in between each individual villa, the designers blended the beautiful views green and blue into the interior, so that when inside, the interior visually blends in with what you see outside.

Aalto Exclusive Design

The architecture of the house was completely adapted thanks to Aalto Exclusive Design’s bespoke carpentry, using LED lighting effects and soft colours to add cosiness. With this independent carpentry production, Aalto Exclusive Design were able to fabricate unique furniture pieces in artisan way (panelling, TV panels, suspended night side tables etc.), allowing them to offer premium quality and original design solutions to their clients. The open space dining, living and kitchen area offers plenty of comfortable seating to enjoy the view, and provides the possibility of moving around the main seating area to adapt to the social life of the family and guests.

Aalto Exclusive Design

Each room has different colour scheme, all connected by drawing inspiration from surrounding areas – the olive greens, sea view blues, close mountain greys. Each room also has slightly different style, with varying ethnic accents or mixing of inspirations in order to meet the personal taste of each family member. In the bedrooms, Aalto Exclusive Design used bespoke upholstery artisans which created all the headboards, and bed bases with ethnic fabric, to give extra originality to the project. The use of natural materials and wall coverings contrasts with the white sheer curtains to make each rooms soft and comfortable.

Aalto Exclusive

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