Adams Style Ceiling by Cornice London

Cornice London have been shortlisted for Wallcovering Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2020.

The ceiling project for Cornice London was to replace and restore an enriched Adams style ornate ceiling with cornice, and to reinstate the ceiling including the ribbons, motifs, swags, tails roundels, and husks. The project involved removing and remodelling the ceiling enrichments and making new moulds and models and applying to the new areas with the new design. The result is an elaborately decorated ceiling that serves to bring out the design and add to the opulence of each room.

The intricate detailing involves plaster ceiling decorations of elaborate husks and drapes, and an enriched galosh cornice. A key aspect of the project that enhances the ceiling are the individually made husk pieces, which skillfully models the ceiling relief. The resin cast pieces have been moulded and manipulated into exquisite patterns, completing the design of each room. Close attention to detail and perseverance were key philosophies for Cornice London, as they worked intermittently on the project from January 2019 through to its completion in January 2020.

The design works harmoniously as the ceiling mouldings are perfectly in proportion with an imposing, beautiful view. The site craftsmen’s fine detail and quality are refined by the exquisite ornamentation of the motifs, husks, swags, and the plaster mouldings. Creating a ceiling with such an impact reinstates character and features that the property deserves, integrating the design well into its wider environment and allowing the history of the property to grow.

Cornice London proudly produce all their products in their London workshop, handmade by craftspeople using traditional methods and the finest materials to the highest standard. Cornice London are extremely passionate about the craft in the industry, and through their team of the finest craftspeople, the company has gained an enviable reputation, through design, manufacture, and supply.

Cornice London

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