ADR s.r.o Shortlisted for the Residential Architectural Property Award

ADR s.r.o have been successfully Shortlisted in the Residential Architectural Property category at the 2014 International Design & Architecture Awards, with project ‘Residence Golf Hostivař’. The project ‘Residence Golf Hostivař’ is located in the former site of the municipal gasworks in Měcholupy, Prague, directly adjacent to the golf course. Nineteen family homes of various sizes and layouts, together forming a residential development with an intimate and convivial atmosphere.

“We designed a cluster of diverse residential buildings whose comprehensive urbanistic-architectural character stands apart from what is commonly seen in developments of this type. A brownfield and its adjacent space were re-developed into a community, where housing, greenery and sports symbiotically complement each other.”

Gardens of family residences connect fluidly with the green and landscaped golf course, which adds significant value to the whole area. The suffusion of greenery and housing is seen – albeit to a lesser degree – in the residences. Interior space is open to greenery in the extent practicable, and vegetation is also invited into the homes. Detached, semi-detached and terraced homes are of a minimalist geometric design, with maximum emphasis on ideal use and functionality. The facades are white concrete finish imitating plaster to highlight the spatial logic of the volumes.


Facades/terraces/soffits are accented with wood, which presents a connecting element between the garden and the interior. Larger residences in particular were designed inclusive of the interior and parterre; green areas and water are complemented with objects of art. The broader urban context planning achieved a level of comfortable housing surrounded by vegetation, with a good access to the centre of Prague. The maximum leverage of the potential of the site, from which the neighbourhood also benefits, adds value to the whole town district.