AEB-Assaf are Shortlisted for the Office Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2014

AEB-Assaf celebrate shortlist success in the ID&A Awards 2014  in the Office category with the Oman Flour Mill Offices.

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These superb and luxurious offices of Oman Flour Mills have been designed and styled making best use of all the local materials available to the designer.

Each floor has been tastefully styled and has carefully been given its own identity, by the creative use of colour.

A great deal of attention was paid when planning the layout of the building, ensuring that all users were provided with the facilities they require.This attention to detail included a cafeteria, breakfast area, lounge and prayer room.

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Using mainly European furniture, a luxurious feel has been created throughout. High quality materials have most certainly enhanced the project providing a feeling of quality and solidity.

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AEB Assaf was founded in 1971. Shaped by their customers needs, they focus on quality, world class design and excellence, whilst striving to add value and be flexible to the evolving needs of a changing society.