B/E Aerospace Shortlisted for the IY&A Awards 2014

B/E Aerospace has been shortlisted for the International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2014 with their long haul economy seat concept entering the Commercial Cabin Interior category.

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The gap between business and economy class has never been so wide. B/E Aerospace’s concept aims to add glamour, prestige and luxury to intercontinental economy class travel. The design re-imagines a benchmark for comfort, living space and customization.

As trade increases between China, the Middle East, Europe and Australia, the demand for intercontinental travel will rise. Airlines with an unrefined main cabin and sophisticated business class create inconsistency in the carrier’s branding. Future forward travel will use economy class seats with optimized space, sumptuous comfort and finishes that harmonize all cabins to create a better experience.

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Major components of the seats have been redesigned to bespoke standards. Gone is the infamous round recline button, replaced by a larger flush mounted design. Tactile surfaces are wrapped in Italian leather. The typical flat seat back has been re-sculpted with a wraparound headrest shroud evocative of mid-century lines. Aisle side panels use custom inserts to incorporate finishes consistent with business and first class designs. Lastly, the same panels and armrests are fitted with fiber optic lighting. The patent-pending design gently illuminates the aisle floor and between the passenger footprint for ease of way finding.

Some key features include, Business class inspired styling, cradle recline position, optimized knee space, fiber optic lighting, electronic boxes are tucked inside leg structure for more legroom and a branded decorative trim.

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