design et al


design-et-al magazine is one of the foremost leaders in the luxury interior design sector. It does more than provide readers with a catalogue of ideas; design et al showcases the latest leading products and innovations sourced from around the world, providing a definitive guide on not only the innovative but the tried and tested.

With the success of design-et-al, the magazine has subsequently extended its publishing arm to include design books, including Worlds Most Glamorous Homes, the Platinum Issue and Style Bible. As an investor in the Design Society, design et al have given the full support of all of its titles including Luxe et al, a magazine that focuses on the luxury yacht, super yacht market and the aviation market.

design et al enjoys a readership of over 40,000, and has affectionately been called the ‘Design Bible’ by its readers. Over 40% of the readership are professional Architects, property developers or designers.