Alghadeer Villa by The Designers Hall

The Designers Hall have been shortlisted for Interior Design Scheme – Global Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2021.

The Designers Hall took on the full renovation of the private villa’s formal living and dining room with the challenge of creating a luxurious yet liveable design. Their client did not have a particular style in mind for the space, and was open to the designers’ intentions – the brief given to The Designers Hall was for the space to look original and expansive, yet easy to the eye.

The Designers Hall

The emphasis of the design for Alghadeer Villa was to create an expansive and opulent living space; balancing luxury, contemporary, and neutral styles for a clean and crowd-pleasing area. The client emphasized having a unique, luxurious space that will look expensive but also liveable. The overall design combined contemporary architecture with classic twist from the coffee table and crystals; this combination was exactly what the client was wishing for.

The Designers Hall

Facing some challenges with the space such as low ceilings and dark lighting, The Designers Hall worked to extend and brighten the rooms. A light and neutral colour palette was incorporated into the walls and upholstery for a bright yet calm tone. Working to the client’s request of higher ceilings, The Designers Hall raised the original ceiling height from 250cm to 270cm by lifting the A/C ducts, and accentuated this with the choice of low back furniture and vertical lines, created an illusion of a dramatic height change. Minimal pieces were chosen for the lighting designs as to avoid this becoming the focal point – upon entering the space the eyes are drawn to the wall cladding that frames the seating area.

The Designers Hall

The walls give the space a contemporary feel and using the narrow vertical lines for the impression of a higher ceiling meant that the client’s requests were met. The neutral colour palette and simple, clean lines throughout bring cohesion to the area which has been sectioned together for effortless entertaining, and functionality was not forgotten by ensuring that the dining room had easy access to the WC and service kitchen.

The Designers Hall

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