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Amagatall by MURRON Interior Design

MURRON Interior Design have been shortlisted for Living Space – Europe Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2020.

The brief was for a building plot in the Mallorcan countryside, if possible, in absolute solitude, to build a new four-bedroom hideaway that combined family spaces, the client’s passion for cooking and the love of the sea. It was important for the client to have plenty of outdoor space as well as flexible accommodation space for their teenage children’s friends. An outdoor pool and casita as well as internal fireplace were absolutely essential. Amagatall’s highlight is the bespoke and professional stainless-steel kitchen, with its rustic sandstone feature wall which contracts with the Swarovski chandelier above the dining table.

MURRON Interior Design

The building plot was in complete solitude and surrounded by greenery. The clients wanted to keep as much of the natural elements as possible and so the designers had to plan the house around the frame given to them by the natural surroundings. MURRON Interior Design managed to preserve all trees and planted old olive trees in between. There is a smooth transition between the indoors and the outdoors with the use of natural sandstone and earthy outdoor colours. It was additionally important for the clients to have a breathable wallcovering to adapt the changing southern climate.

MURRON Interior Design

Fresh, light and modern were the three keys themes for this project. As building regulation in the Mallorcan countryside are very strict, it was a challenge to follow these regulations as well as to stretch them. To create a cool, comfortable space, Murron Interior Design used white concrete floors, white lime plaster walls and large windows to contrast the warm Mediterranean climate. Turquoise, green and azure blue furnishings bring the oceanside in.

MURRON Interior Design

Murron Interior Design believe that its not only about creating beautiful and functional spaces, it’s about the spirit and the feelings that the design awakes, where the clients are inspired to dream and feel content.

MURRON Interior Design

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