Anji Connell Interior Design reach the shortlist with a Hong Kong apartment…

Anji Connell Interior Design have reached the shortlist with a contemporary Hong Kong apartment, shortlisted for the residential property Asia and Oceania award in the International Design and Architecture Awards 2013.


LED lighting adds an element of surprise to the space

Key Aspects of the Project: The space, light and views are essential to this project. Each of these elements demand a high attention to both detail and finish. A pared down palate of materials enhances the feeling of space. Glass, concrete, cement board and weathered iron pay respect to the industrial spirit. The wrap-around-windows, glass and mirror walls reflect both internal and external views. The structure is minimal creating an open and accessible space. It does not take itself too seriously with colored LED lighting, feature graphic printed glass sliding doors with red leather interiors, red toilet booth, oversized Antonio Lupi bathtub, architectural basin and ceiling tube tap.


Every aspect of the space is open and accessible

Why does the design work so well: The space works as it is so open and light, yet, gives a feeling of privacy. There are designated spaces for sleeping, bathing, relaxing, working, dining & entertaining. It moves from day to night as a function of the multiple lighting layers, easily transforming at the press of a Lutron switch to a great party space. No area is wasted. There are no corridors. The walls have been kept as open as possible. They are not taken up to the ceiling height and are punctured by a bio fuel fire and weathered metal sliding doors which allow vistas and access, all adding to a more spacious feel and allowing free air flow cutting down on air conditioning wastage and cost. Hidden wheels in the metal sliding doors are used which would normally need floor tracking, thereby creating a flowing surface. Bespoke furniture allows storage for personal belongings. ‘A place for everything, everything in its place.’


The kitchen boasts a selection of high end appliances

All kitchen appliances are concealed within pocket doors. The kitchen tap pushes down and a sliding Corian worktop over the sink leaves a clean unbroken surface. State of the art appliances by Karim Rashid with LED lighting built-in are a pleasing surprise when the cupboard doors are opened. The overall space is clean and functional; yet it lends a warm and inviting feel. A simple elegant look with all modern amenities, climate control, mood lighting, sound, vision and security built in. Sliding panel windows open fully letting the outside in. The mountain acts as the apartment’s own living wall. The fire hole allows further views of the sea as a backdrop to the living area from the bathtub itself. An existing column defines the living and kitchen and dining areas. The floor of the kitchen area was raised to allow sea views when dining. The metal double entry door and lobby with the original sliding barrier gate promote the industrial unit look.