APOGEO (Eclisse Collection) by UNICA (By Tecnotelai srl) 

UNICA (By Tecnotelai srl) have been shortlisted for Table Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2021.

“APOGEO” was born from UNICA (by Tecnotelai srl)’s precise desire to create magical environments in which energy flows, just as it occurs in those special events that have always enchanted man; that we call eclipses.

UNICA (By Tecnotelai srl) 

A collective of different materials are blended skilfully with each other, projecting the phases of eclipse beyond the smoked, extra-clear, tempered shaped glass top, into a protracted momentum towards the infinite as if to break the barriers of the physical spaces. UNICA’s development of sinuous shapes worked in favour of the necessitated careful analysis and design studies which are aimed at obtaining a perfectly balanced object. Here, precious materials such as glass and steel have been chosen for their ability to blend perfectly in UNICA’s innovative and all-Italian concept that works with shades, transforming each space into one which is “invaded” from elsewhere in the universe, where inspiration has no limits. This product elevates its interior to take on the charm of such a special event.

UNICA (By Tecnotelai srl) 

The soft shapes of the glass are combined to create new and harmonious solutions, which when applied alongside the fluid geometries can surprise the user who remains enchanted. The sinuosity of the base seems to levitate the design from the floor, and the top glass melts with the base structure in one delicate movement. The stunning effect that this piece brings to a room is not only reflective of all of UNICA’s productions, but also represents the highest expression of craftsmanship and technological expertise of UNICA and associated small, local crafts.

UNICA (By Tecnotelai srl) 

The concept for APOGEO stems from UNICA’s idea of products being able to give life and uniqueness to an environment. With this piece, despite being inside buildings, spaces can bring back the suggestions of the infinite universe through recognising and placing the power of a special astronomic event as the protagonist of the design.

UNICA (By Tecnotelai srl)

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