Congratulations to Aqua Platinum Projects shortlisted for Residential Swimming Pool Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2017

design et al are delighted to announce that Aqua Platinum Projects has been shortlisted for the Residential Swimming Pool Award within The International Design and Architecture Awards 2017

Aqua Platinum projects were commissioned to complete a luxurious wellness facility inclusive of swimming pool, vitality pool, sauna and steam room, within a residential development located on the world famous The Strand, working with prestigious developers Berkeley Homes. This luxurious scheme consists of a stunning indoor deck level swimming pool and separate vitality pool, both of which have been constructed using high pressure sprayed concrete to ensure a strong, lasting shell and finished in high quality Ezarri mosaic tiles.

Aqua Platinum Projects - Residential Swimming Pool

Bespoke stainless steel fittings have been used throughout both pools, with three high power water features and two intricately detailed stainless steel air beds also being fitted within the vitality pool. The team at Aqua Platinum Projects also designed and built a traditional timber sauna and luxury steam room which has been finished with high quality Ezarri mosaic tiles to compliment the main pool design. Due to the complexity and size of the scheme, they had to develop an upper level and lower level complex plant room system to accommodate the balance tank and high-tech control systems.

Aqua Platinum Projects - Residential Swimming Pool

Aqua Platinum utilised the best-in-class filtration and disinfection systems to ensure superb water clarity and purity. For this project the designers created an incredible double level plant room system due to the size of the plant equipment and complexity of the scheme. The design aspect of the project was extremely important as the pipework route was complex which meant the measurements had to be perfect and the technical drawings needed to be as intricate and detailed as ever. The design of the wellness facility oozes luxury and class, fitting perfectly within its setting at The Strand, London.

Aqua Platinum Projects - Residential Swimming Pool

The original brief for The Strand facility was that it would be used for both leisure and relaxation. The design has achieved this perfectly by allowing users to either relax and unwind within the vitality pool, sauna and steam room or to focus on their fitness within the large swimming pool. The project incorporates an incredible blend of finishes within the pool hall with various textures and colours being utilised. The swimming and vitality pool have been finished in stunning Ezarri mosaic tiles, perfectly complementing the textured surrounding walls and large format tiling of the pool hall flooring, whilst contrasting beautifully with the bright lime green feature wall next to the vitality pool.