Architect Show Co.Ltd – Shortlisted for the Residential Architectural Property Award

Architect Show Co. Ltd have been successfully Shortlisted at this year’s International Design & Architecture Awards. Their project ‘A2 House’ has been Shortlisted into the Residential Architectural Property category.


Masahiko Sato of Japanese practice Architect Show has completed ‘A2 house (shell house)’, a property which provides a comfortable and relaxed environment for its inhabitants. Located in a residential area of Fukuoka city, the structure closes itself off from the passing street, fostering feelings of safety and security. externally, the dwelling is clad in a white render which juxtaposes the natural timber grain. Interior Designer of Architect Show, Masahiko Sato describes the project “ The exterior walls are impressive with a combination of white and beautiful wood grain. It does not provide a large window on the outer wall facing the north side of the road. The first thought in the protection of privacy, so we designed an impressive facade.”


Configured to protect and shelter its residents, the façade presented to the street does not feature any openings, while in contrast a sheltered courtyard provides an external area of recreation and congregation where children can play safely. Masahiko describes the contrast to the rear of the property “The courtyard on the south side is a space where families and children can play. A space that can spend time in peace and reunion. The Living areas are designed to face the courtyard and to utilise space.”
The living accommodation opens out onto this terrace, establishing a fluid relationship between internal and external volumes, while internally, bright and open expanses are lined with polished timber creating a series of richly detailed and connected spaces.

“In addition, we keep the interior neutral with whites for the incorporation of light to the interior of the housing, forming a bright and airy space”.