Ardoin Yacht Design Shortlisted for IY&A Awards 2015

design et al is delighted to announce shortlist success for Ardoin Yacht Design in the International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2015. DEEP BLUE will compete for the Concept up to 40 metres Award.

DEEP BLUE # 1 @ mooring HD (Small)

DEEP BLUE is an elegant multipurpose catamaran combining an “open sporting” style with advanced technologies that support efficient private submarine operations.

DEEP BLUE # 3 @ mooring HD (Small)

From professional applications to leisure use, the catamaran Deep Blue is a fascinating new concept to explore the deep sea anywhere in the big blue. Naval architect Cedric Ardoin aptly designed an elegant multipurpose catamaran with advanced technologies to operate a submarine with the full line-up of U-Boat Worx submarines.

DEEP BLUE # 2 @ mooring HD (Small)

Dedicated for day charter with limited crew requirements, DEEP BLUE is a support vessel which can accommodate up to 12 passengers. Moreover, the choice of engines includes an inboard diesel and a class 4 water jet, ensuring a 25 to 30 knot cruise speed. The large platform on the back for the C-Explorer submarines is equipped with a hydraulic platform that can lower down the underwater craft when launching is required.

DEEP BLUE # 7 @ front & rear view blue edition HD (Small)

“The Deep Blue is the accomplishment of my yachting experiences,” added Cedric Ardoin. “This basic version can easily be personalised, by adding for instance crew cabins or research laboratories, extending the application to match the exact nature of the client’s need”.