Arthur’s Restaurant by Unique Store Fixtures & gh3*

Unique Store Fixtures and gh3* have been shortlisted for Restaurant – Global Award in The International Hotel and Property Awards 2020.

Arthur’s Restaurant exists between office spaces and a mall concourse, and the driving force of this project was to upgrade existing elements in order to maintain the original character of the building. The construction of the ceiling by Unique Store Fixtures consists of hand-crafted wooden panels, perfectly suspended in equilateral triangles of ranging sizes across the space. The interior design by gh3* and Unique Store Fixtures’ work blends the original building architecture with modern aesthetic and client’s vision of a traditional steakhouse.

Unique Store Fixtures, gh3*

Throughout the development of this project, the theme evolved. What began as a steakhouse, featuring the traditional dining idea, became a restaurant in memory of the owner’s father, thus the menu and designs of the restaurant were altered. While still remaining a location that offers a traditional dining experience, it will also be memorable experience for guests that come through this establishment. The scope of this project included the creation of three separate dining areas. With two octagonal pavilions within this building, the main dining experience is located in the westerly octagon, and s secondary dining experience is an intimate bar, together seating up to 154 people. A third dining experience on the roof will be opened in the spring.

Unique Store Fixtures, gh3*

Unique Store Fixtures’ suspended convex ceiling amplifies the original building design. Crafted from faceted wood panels, the ceiling continuously refers back to the centre of the room, creating intimacy within the space, but also an uninterrupted view of the whole restaurant. The centre dome on the ceiling feature is constructed out of bronze patina, which creates a focal point, drawing the eye inward while at the same time housing the lighting and mechanical features. Not only were new features added during the development of Arthur’s Restaurant but the existing space and features of the building were upgraded. The windows were replaced and wall panelling was used to conceal the frame to ensure there is a seamless transition from the interior panels to the exterior. This, with gh3’s use of leather, dark wood, and patina bronze in the modern design elevates the restaurant to finer dining.

Unique Store Fixtures, gh3*

Unique Store Fixtures & gh3*

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