Congratulations to Artwood, winner of the Flooring Award in The International Product Design Awards 2014

Artwood successfully won the Flooring Award In The International Product Design Awards 2014

Artwood uses only select grade European Oak for our flooring, a sustainable species which is used as the canvas for the creation of exquisite finishes, thus avoiding the need to use other, more endangered species of timber. All floors are hand finished in the UK. The different collections together provide a full spectrum of colourways and styles from Classic to Precious Metal inlaid.

Exclusive finishing techniques have been developed entirely in-house by Artwood and are all offered on multiple flooring formats including plank, parquet and chevron.  Multiple finishes can be combined within the same floor. Artwood floors are protected with the finest lacquers utilising the latest technology including antibacterial resistance. All finishes are available in a choice of matt, satin or gloss sheen levels giving you the choice of a raw, natural look to a highly polished one.


The design brief was to provide a new, design-orientated collection of timber floors for the international market. The key aspect of the product is the unique designs with high durability and functionality. Suitability for both residential and high traffic commercial use. The design works so well due to the innovative finishes which draw on current design trends and inspiration from the clients we work with.