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Congratulations to Atelier Lumiere, Inc. who have been shortlisted for Lighting Scheme Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2019

design et al are delighted to announce that Atelier Lumiere, Inc. have been shortlisted for Lighting Scheme Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2019

1410 Broadway is a 1930’s style building with a stoic bronze facade in New York’s Garment district that underwent a complete renovation. The architect planned not only to modernise the entryway and lobby reception but also to offer a gallery wall background for the arts that are being promoted by the owner.

Atelier Lumiere, Inc. designed the lighting scheme to break the long linear shape of the lobby. This helped to accentuate the monochromatic interior space and to also enhance the vibrant mural paintings displayed throughout. As the owner promotes young and emerging artists with her personal cultural initiative, the lighting system needed to be flexible for any future art media displayed in the space, while supporting busy human traffic area for 24 hours a day.

Atelier Lumiere inc.

TPG Architecture was entrusted with the gut renovation of the façade, lobby, elevators, bathrooms and common areas. Their design directive was to bring in a more contemporary feel that would incite curiosity, excite the tenants as they walked through the lobby on their way in and out of work as well as differentiate 1410 Broadway from all the other buildings in the neighbourhood.

Atelier Lumiere inc.

To achieve this objective, the exterior was transformed into a sleek white glass cladded gate with a crisp glass covered vestibule that would invite onlookers in and offer tenants a refreshing feel. The interior surfaces were divided into two monochromatic planes: white and black. Each colour serving a specific purpose. The black metal wall on the right would act as a photo gallery, showcasing the building’s history in each lightbox while the white glass wall on the left would offer a visual rest for visitors while housing a striking exhibition of art throughout the lobby.

Atelier Lumiere inc.

The new LED Lighting brought the perfect balance of artistic expression and functionality with the Micro downlights and wall washers. The recent innovative LED light fixtures can illuminate a ceiling that is 3 meters high, while still having a small aperture of 30mm. This miniature, trim-less fixture can illuminate the entryway and reception area in a discreet manner while offering an even beam spread over all the artwork exhibited. Additionally, this LED light chromaticity revealed every single colour in the paintings, rendering them both vivid and accurate.

Atelier Lumiere, Inc.

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