Ateliers Pinton for Fameed Khalique have been short listed in the International Product Design Awards 2013

Ateliers Pinton for Fameed Khalique have been short listed for the Flooring – Carpets / Rugs award in the International Product Design Awards 2013.

Ateliers Pinton has been a family run mill since 1867. Lucas Pinton has chosen to collaborate with Swedish designer Ulrika Liljedahl as the mill retains the permanent will to innovate while retaining the knowledge acquired in the past. Together Lucas and Ulrika have created a contemporary collection of rugs mixing modern materials and yarns such as metal threads, vinyl, silk and specifically for this collection: reflective ribbon.


Thus naming this collection ‘VIBRATIONS’: The collection is inspired by vibrations created through the shimmer of light on ribbon and lurex thread, vibrations created through the random yet detailed design of the grey and black patterns. Each piece is unique.


The yarns, silk and wool, have been dyed in two tones creating an optical illusion of volume. The light created by a reflective material has always fascinated Ulrika. Combining reflective ribbon and wool reinforces and brings alive the pattern through the play with light depending on where one is standing on the rug.


The ‘VIBRATIONS’ collection is a play on shadow, of clair-obscurs and of trompe l’oeil. Night and day, shimmer and matt. All Ateliers Pinton carpets and rugs are custom-made, and hand-tufted in Felletin-Aubusson, France. The designs can be changed to suit the individual project. These samples can be made as carpets or rugs to any dimension.