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Avion by Garrett Leather

Garrett Leather have been shortlisted for the Fabric / Leathers Award in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2021.

Avion is a high performing Italian leather with superior durability and a soft hand. It has a subtle uniform grain pattern that provides superior cutting yields. All colours of Avion are treated during the tanning process to meet aviation flammability requirements. The hides are flame treated during tanning, then milled for extraordinary softness.

Garrett Leather

By treating the hides during the production process, designers benefit in numerous ways; samples are accurate representations of the product, the soft hand is never comprised, since no additional treatment is required; there is no additional cost for treating the hides; there is no additional lead time. In fact, all Avion colors are in-stock and most orders ship within two business days of purchase.

Garrett Leather

The company established solid, lasting relationships and fully understood the high-quality standards that aviation customers required. After thorough research and testing, Avion was developed specifically for the most prominent aviation customers. Avion passes numerous durability standards for high traffic applications. Today, Avion continues to be a top-selling aviation leather. Due to its popularity, Garrett Leather expanded the collection numerous times over the years and added colours that customers specifically requested. Avion is now available in 80 colourways.

For added pattern and texture, Avion hides may be perforated, embossed, or quilted. In addition, Garrett Leather has vastly improved its customization capabilities with custom colour matching. The company has matched carpet samples, veneers, paint chips, and fabrics. Garrett Leather understands that colour is a personal choice and works with customers to provide the precise hue they request.

Garrett Leather

Furthermore, Garrett Leather has a proven record of providing superior customer service and exceeding customers’ expectations. The aviation business is demanding, with many quality requirements and tight production schedules. It is costly to have an aircraft grounded for an extended period.  In the fast-paced world of aviation, quick shipment is more important now than ever. Garrett Leather has a reputation for going above and beyond for each customer, shipping “on demand” without sacrificing quality. Garrett Leather maintains high quality standards and continuously looks for ways to improve. Their Quality Management System earned ISO 9001:2015 certification. With this internationally recognized certification, designers can continue to expect the same high-quality standards on a consistent basis. Garrett Leather is a reliable partner for quality product, on time delivery, and the best customer support.

Garrett Leather

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