Silversands Grenada by AW²

AW² have been shortlisted for Hotel Under 50 Rooms – Global Award in The International Hotel and Property Awards 2020.

Located on the beautiful island of Grenada, the resort’s layout was to be focused on the guest experience and organised to showcase the sea views, while ensuring the utmost degree of privacy. The interior design was to be both sleek and modern, offering a refined yet unpretentious luxury experience, radiating with the warmth and originality of true Grenadian life.


Silversands has become the new destination in the Caribbean and a new benchmark for resorts. The resort’s aesthetic blends authenticity, nature, luxury, and modernity. The resort’s architecture, in all its simple forms and materials, defines its identity. The exterior spaces echo the architecture’s modern lines through gardens, courtyards and water features. Terraces, day bed areas and pools are all designed to blend seamlessly with the architecture itself. Spanning 10,000m², Silversands Grenada is anchored by a 100-metre-long infinity pool – the longest in the Caribbean. This main feature provides a unique sense of place both in terms of landscape concept and living experience.


The resort has been designed to be passive, prioritising natural ventilation in the lobby and other public areas. Solar panels have been integrated into the car park roof to charge the resort’s electric vehicle fleet. The architects wanted to preserve the trees on site, designing the project around the existing vegetation as much as possible. The landscape design is an important feature both to anchor the project and to lessen the resort’s imprint on the environment. The resort offers a total design experience, where every element, from the master plan down to the furniture was almost exclusively designed by AW². This creates a unity of design, a harmonious environment focused on the guest experience.


Silversands was designed to become a new destination putting Grenada on the map of world class hotel destinations. The aim was not to compete with the hotel accommodation already available, but to target a high-net-worth clientele to encourage investment on the island. Constructed by local contractors and workers, from the start the hotel has prioritised employing the Grenadian workforce.


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