AyKa Design Are Shortlisted In The International Product Design Awards 2015

AyKa Design are shortlisted for the second year running in the Flooring category of The International Product Design Awards 2015 with their entry ‘Reflections’ from the Textures Collection.

“Textures was inspired by my travels to South America during my visits to Brazil and Argentina. Having seen the most amazing landscapes and colours, I was touched first hand by their many living abstract forms and the beauty of their surroundings. These forms inspired me to think about recreating these textures on a rug that would eventually inspire the end user and be seen as a piece of art.”


The objective was to create a three dimensional design in a two dimensional form that would also be functional for the end user. Art, Beauty and Comfort were the goals while trying to achieve a texture that was not easy to construct by hand by using the Tibetan Knot.

The silk yarns were first handspun creating additional various thickness which would enhance the design once flattened in a two dimensional form. Then they were first twin dyed twice to achieve a double tone on the yarns themselves giving a three dimension tone before weaving. The rug was looped tightly and as each color in the design was changed, the yarns were joined and knotted with threads hanging. These were kept until the finally finishing of the rug when carefully they were all hand cut at the end of the weaving at various heights to recreate the three dimensional element of the design.