Congratulations to AZBcreative shortlisted for Luxury Residence £5 Million Plus Award in The International Hotel & Property Awards 2019

design et alare delighted to announce that AZBcreative have been shortlisted for Luxury Residence £5 Million Plus Award in The International Hotel & Property Awards 2019.

Noku Beach House is a six bedroom state of the art breath-taking private sanctuary, elevating humble crafts to avant-garde design.

The client wanted the residence to be imbued with the natural beauty and spiritual grace of Bali, but with a modern, timeless design. The team at AZBcreative created a mood reminiscent of the mythical Shangri-La in James Hilton’s “Lost Horizon.” Exotic overhanging greenery creates an otherworldly indoor-outdoor experience at this tropical oasis. The result is a super-premium escape pad, designed without compromise.


Initially, the project was to be a private villa, but as the interior concepts and architectural designs developed, the client realised the huge potential of the space. It needed to be shared. The land was extended and this resulted in a sweeping resort space with six double bedrooms, two pools, extended gigantic living and dining areas, all with the AZBcreative signature custom elements showcasing their dedication to small-run makers, local craftsmen and the culture of regional villages. The Beach House accommodates large groups without losing its sense of space and privacy, while the fusion of design and nature inspires creativity and renews the senses. With state-of-the art kitchens, large swimming pools and 25 staff including a chef, concierge and driver, the Noku Beach House is a very special destination villa.


One of the key attractions of any private beach house is the pool, and Noku Beach House has two. AZBcreative created an oasis pool, inspired by the classic Moroccan Riads with their private, tiled pools. The colour palette is carried through to the professional sized tennis court. AZBcreative also created a second pool in the garden, stretching towards the sea, with incredible lush plantings sourced from endangered forests to offer a new permanent home. AZBcreatives’s absolute commitment to low-impact development, sustainable design practices and community involvement/empowerment through transparent supply chains where growers, makers, producers and artisans are all supported within the project. AZBcreative truly believe this is the future of development and design in Bali – the only way that it can be something which improves and strengthens the local community and culture.


AZBcreative believe that designing spaces with soul is the DNA of new luxury design for the global citizen.


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