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Congratulations to B3 Designers who have been shortlisted for Restaurant Award in The International Hotel & Property Awards 2018

design et al are delighted to announce that B3 Designers have been shortlisted for Restaurant Award in The International Hotel and Property Awards 2018.

B3 Designers worked with The Ritz-Carlton to create the food and beverage spaces and identities for the Ritz-Carlton Budapest. B3 were briefed to create the standalone restaurant Deák Street Kitchen and Kupola Lounge Café within the hotel. The Ritz-Carlton wanted to achieve an accessible dining offering that would draw passing trade, as opposed to feeling exclusive to guests. As a starting point B3 Designers looked at the two areas, developed a food concept for each, and began to work the interior to fit with these offerings. The designers knew Deák Street would be very meat-and-wine focussed and wanted this to be a key element throughout, from the feature wine wall that links the spaces, to the focal wine box display above the central bar and its abundant artwork. B3 Designers With bold, masculine undertones and a sophisticated design, Deák St. Kitchen restaurant makes a striking impression, with its deep rich leather seating, walnut furniture and Hungarian point timber flooring. These elements are juxtaposed against brighter details like the rose gold trim on the lighting and furnishings and the antiqued mirror panelling around the room. This, together with the carefully curated artwork, elegantly finishes off the space. The restaurant opens out onto its namesake, Deák Street, the famous Budapest ‘fashion’ street.B3 Designers One of the main successes of the restaurant’s design is its accessibility from street level, with its inviting entrance, dining terrace and bi-folding doors – it is a welcoming restaurant with an independent feel. Some of the many key aspects for this project include the carefully-curated historical Hungarian artwork and imagery (both photographs and prints) with a hint of humour, a sharing table that can be used as for private dining or split into two tables if needed, sits in front of an open show kitchen where the chefs work, adding drama and liveliness to the space.B3 Designers B3 Designers favourite features are the elegant Georgian windows with antique mirror and the wine wall feature, which becomes an effective way of connecting Deák St and the Kupola lounge next door, allowing slight views through to the other space without diluting or affecting the space you are dining in. Wine was the main connection, but the way in which you experience it is very different in both spaces. B3 Designers very much designed and developed the OS&E to complete the journey. They designed the uniforms, as well as branding and physical menus, while consulting on tableware and glassware options in order to complete the intended feel and design of the space.

B3 Designers

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