Bangkok Penthouse By Design Intervention

Design Intervention have been shortlisted for City Space Apartment/Penthouse Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2020. 

This is a 5200sqft penthouse apartment located in the most prime location in central Bangkok with glorious 270 degree views across the city. The client is a bachelor in his 30’s and the original layout had been designed for family living. Design Intervention have reconfigured the generous floor plan to better suit the needs of his bachelor lifestyle, allocating a far larger proportion of the apartment for his personal space.
Design Intervention

The design brief was the desire to have an apartment with a wow-factor, worthy of a Hollywood set with a streamlined masculine feel. The client wanted a unique home, not another designer apartment with the same brand/name furnishings he was looking for something completely original. This was achieved throughout the whole penthouse including the bathroom which is a well though out design which utilises the space perfectly.

The client wanted the space to be utilised for his personal use as well as being a serene spa like retreat but one that was totally unique. The key aspect of the penthouse is the magnificent vista!

Design Intervention

The design works well as Design Intervention have been able create a unique space by incorporating a multitude of bespoke elements which has given an original signature to this home. The design considerations are geared to draw focus and accentuate the glorious skyline views.

Design Interventions design is a fluid continuation of the bedroom design so that all the spaces feel wholly integrated. A crisp, fresh contemporary space but also one that felt warm and welcoming. The white based stone is fresh and crisp, the rich wood grains bring warmth and the metallic rose gold highlights adds an undercurrent glamour.

Design Intervention

The bathroom is a clean streamlined design that keeps the attention on the glorious skyline views, while at the same time providing a unique and luxurious personal retreat.

Design Intervention

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