Bann at Oak Knoll NAPA by ONG & ONG

ONG & ONG have been shortlisted for Hotel Under 50 Rooms – Americas and Caribbean Award in The International Hotel and Property Awards 2020.

BANN at Oak Knoll NAPA is a luxurious Resort-Style Bed and Breakfast with a limited number of rooms. The rooms sport four different themes that correspond with various regions in Thailand, which add a rich sense of culture to their colour schemes and featured handicrafts. Souksamlane’s love for the Wine Country inspired her to build this stylish hotel that embodies the luxury of Thailand.

The main goal with the venue is to provide the ultimate destination for special events such as weddings, featuring indoor and outdoor reception options nestled in between sprawling California vineyards. Bann’s seamless design presents guests with a “feeling of home vibe”, combined with the concept of an “East Meets West” blending of cultures. Souksamlane wants to give her guests an intimate look through the life of Thai people in the four different regions of the country. A passion for the culinary arts is reflected in the design of Bann at Oak Knoll NAPA – the interests of the renowned owner of Osha restaurants from San Francisco.

The name of the rooms are carefully selected from the important main provinces of the Kingdoms of Siam, displaying the uniqueness and cultures inherited from the old time, such as colour tones, handicrafts, and arts. There’s only one luxury resort-style bed & breakfast that can host events and weddings with secluded vineyard access, and mountain views. Guests can expect a sophisticated ambiance and high service standards against the unspoiled, lush backdrop that has remained unchanged over the years.

Nestled in the heart of historic Oak Knoll District of Napa Valley, in between Silverado Trail and Big Ranch Road, Bann at Oak Knoll resort-style bed and breakfast invites discerning travellers to experience the serene and privileged lifestyle of Thailand in Wine country. Bann at Oak Knoll is a celebration of the richness of Thai heritage, encapsulating old world glamour of King Rama V. All 5 rooms and suites are unique homages to the past but enhanced by all the modern comforts of a resort-style bed and breakfast. Situated in the epicentre of Napa Valley, Bann at Oak Knoll is a paradise for wine tasting with wineries at your doorstep.


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