‘Barefoot Meets Armani’, Olivia Newton John’s Discovery in the Hinterland of Byron Bay

Surrender to the beauty and healing cultures of Gaia Retreat & Spa, nestled on 25 acres in the breathtaking hinterlands of Byron Bay. Perfectly poised on the highest point in the shire, Gaia has 19 beautifully appointed bungalows set in lush subtropical gardens… described as the place where, ‘Barefoot meets Armani’.

Gaia Retreat & Spa was discovered by good friends Olivia Newton-John and Gregg Cave who stumbled on the property while on the hunt for a country house for Gregg. The property at this point was in a stage of disrepair, needing a new direction and inspiration to breathe life back into it. Gregg set out to redesign the entire property, and has since it’s inception has taken up the position of Director/General Manager. As Gaia means the ‘spirit of mother earth’ the inspiration for Gregg’s design was taken from the surrounding flora and fauna.

“I wanted to bring the outside in and create a nurturing environment that guests could completely relax, feel safe & bring balance to their busy lives”.

The orange curtains were inspired by the flame trees and African tulip trees in the garden, both Olivia & Gregg had fun selecting all the fabrics & furnishings as well as contributing pieces from their own homes. The eclectic feeling Gregg has aspired to create draws on influences from around the world…..

Gaia Retreat & Spa was shortlisted for the Asia-Pacific Design & Architecture Awards 2013, hosted by luxury interior design magazine design et al.