Congratulations to Fameed Khalique, winner of the Fabric Award in The International Product Design Awards 2013

Be Inthavong for Fameed Khalique have successfully won the Fabric Award in the International Product Design Awards 2013

Interior textile (wall covering, windows, furniture, headboards) and most recently apparel, Be Inthavong LLC are exclusively featuring a special leather and silk fabric pattern for Calvin Klein’s upcoming Spring/Summer 2014 collection.

Be Inthavong is the Creative Director and Designer of Be Inthavong LLC. The unique patent-pending technique of weaving leather and silk was created by Inthavong in 2009 at his family’s silk mill in Vientiane, Laos.


Inthavong challenged the perceived limitations of the indigenous process that has existed for over 500 years. He sought to improve and evolve the discipline, using as inspiration the world of leather goods he came from. Thus began the painstaking practice of u sing rare Laotian weaving techniques to take finely cut micro-strips of leather and hand looming them into silk looms.


The silks are 100% naturally dyed using the Laotian craft of organic dyes. The results of the signature leather and silk weaves are breathtaking with the combination of colors, textures,touch,construction, and fluidity of this new material. Within each new collection, Inthavong will continue to create new designs along the lines of the Laotian silk looms heritage craft by weaving leathers with other intriguing materials.