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Big Sky Retreat by Kendall Wilkinson Design

Kendall Wilkinson Design have been shortlisted for Ski Chalet Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2020.

Located at Big Sky, Montana, this house redefines the typical “mountain home.” Kendall Wilkinson Design created the ultimate snow escape for adults and children in the 10,000 square foot vacation home. To achieve this family friendly vacation home, it was built with a reverence for nature, an admiration of the immediate surroundings and views all to bring the various colours and textures from the outside indoors.

Kendall Wilkinson Design

The most important element for Kendall Wilkinson Design with the Big Sky project was to create a highly liveable family retreat. The house was built with a reverence for nature and the immediate surroundings. Each room has an expansive view of mountains and sky with a bird’s eye view of weather passing, snow falling and the sun rising. One feels as if they are perched in a watchtower, high above the snowy terrain, peacefully watching the theatre that is the Montana landscape.

Kendall Wilkinson Design

The fabrics and palette of this house are muted and calm and allow one to breathe in the beauty of the environment without distraction. In keeping with the mountain aesthetic, reclaimed barn wood, board formed concrete and large expanses of glass were utilized so each room boasts expansive views of the mercurial seasons. Defying a particular style, this home is its own world unto the owners who simply asked to be able to see the Sphinx Mountain, drink in the Montana air and be with family and friends in a place that would feel warm and welcoming.

The Big Sky Retreat builder sourced reclaimed timber for the home’s exterior from Montana Reclaimed Lumber. The exterior wood’s muted grey tone is a result of the timber wood lying outside in the sun for a whole year in advance.

Kendall Wilkinson Design

This family wanted a comfortable, contemporary retreat for family and friends. One that was durable enough for this sporty environment while reflecting their more contemporary personal aesthetic. The architecture and interior design take full advantage of the surrounding landscape, no matter what the season, making it equally appealing whether in the summer or the winter.

Kendall Wilkinson Design

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