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Madison Park Sushi by BLANK Design

BLANK Design have been Shortlisted for Restaurant – The Americas Award in The International Hotel and Property Awards 2021.

Madison Park Sushi, where Japanese style, sophistication, rhythm, and fun coalesce. The sushi bar is on the 28th floor of a famous Japanese company’s US headquarters. The grand building overlooks Madison Square Park, where quintessential New York City bustle, afternoon strolls, and vibrant tourism collide. The restaurant has 55 seats available for employees, and there is also a 6-seat private sushi counter to accommodate executives and high-profile individuals.

BLANK Design

The 3,000 sq. foot space was formerly an Italian restaurant. However, since the majority of visitors to the US headquarters are not Japanese, BLANK Design wanted a space where international engineers, creators, and musicians could gather from around the globe and feel both the past nostalgia and future prospects of Japan. With creations such as the WALKMAN and a series of widely used home video game consoles, this is a company that has continuously launched innovations from Japan to the rest of the world, particularly in the field of electronics. Upon brainstorming designs, the team focused on the sophistication and playfulness of this company and how they could reflect that in the space.

BLANK Design

For the main entrance and dining area, they used 1-inch (25 mm) square rods to form a 7-inch (180 mm) square wooden lattice that houses acrylic lanterns. The lanterns, spaced at random, add off-beat rhythm as the guests make their way to their seats. At the private sushi counter, a vast arrangement of 3,965 1-inch (25 mm) square bars protrude from the wall behind the counter toward the onlooking diners. The eye-opening volume and presence of bars sticking straight out creates a mood that expresses both the age-old integrity and the fast-forward spirit of the host company.

BLANK Design

“Sophistication” and “playfulness” are key elements of the project, which come from the brand concept of the client’s company. BLANK Design took advantage of details of authentic Japanese architecture to express sophistication. Unique approaches with geometry of wood lattice and elegantly installed lighting boxes imply playfulness.

BLANK Design

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