BLINK Design Group Shortlisted for Hotel 50-200 Rooms (Global) in IH&P Awards 2015

The Brief was to create a flagship property that would herald the launch of an ultra luxury resort on Sanur beach project demanded design that would spatially redefine the resort guest room while visually capturing the Balinese spirit from a new perspective. Designing around the modern traveller’s lifestyle and redefining the boutique experience was behind the idea to reimagine each guest room as three distinct sanctuaries – a lavish inward-focused bathroom, an understated sleeping sanctuary, and a 25sqm outdoor living room enclosed by laser-cut screens inspired by a classic Balinese batik motif – while a temple-like grandeur and calm also pervades the resort as a whole.


It might best be described as ‘ah’ factor design – the opposite of ‘wow’ factor. Spaces that don’t shout at you, where you can relax and be at ease. Harmonious reprieves and spaces which invite contemplation.


This aesthetic reaches its pinnacle from the inside out – the bathrooms are the most meditative and contemplative places. They are like jewel boxes. The design philosophy here was to create nothing less than a private bathing sanctuary.


The walls are clad in high-grade honed, finished local marble and complimented by the handmade glazed ceramic base and floor. Custom stone composite vessel sinks, laser-cut light fixtures and handcrafted shell feature walls complete this shimmering sanctuary. The crown jewels are the set of Balinese shell necklaces that flank each side of the entry.


Local materials were used throughout the resort, including natural shells, bronze and copper finishes, and native woods like mahogany and bingkari. A restrained palette allows the vivid colors of Bali’s landscape to seem even more bewitching.