Blocher Blocher Partners Shortlisted in the IH&P Awards 2015

Blocher Blocher Partners have been successfully shortlisted with Opus V for the Restaurant Award (Global) in the Fifth Annual International Hotel & Property Awards 2015.


Opus – the Latin word for a work resulting from creative activity, for a successful composition – is a fitting name for the Opus V restaurant in Mannheim, with its unusual architecture, stylish interior and unique cuisine.


It’s much more than just a restaurant – it is a setting for people interested in enjoyment, art and culture. The restaurant as stage and forum for cultural exchange is also represented by the two wall panels that are regularly redesigned by the Mannheim National Theatre. The Nordic-looking atmosphere above the city rooftops is otherwise open, simple and minimal: Natural materials, lots of wood and open space create an unusual and relaxed environment.


The harmonious interior with its parquet floors, cherry wood furniture and brick walls immediately sets the tone for the enjoyment of culinary delights. Tables are arranged parallel to the panoramic windows and are complemented by ceiling panels of expanded metal in warm brown tones. The continuous parquet flooring and sliding glass elements open out to a six-meter wide passage, ensuring a smooth transition to the veranda. With room for another 50 guests, the inviting terrace – with its array of plants and herbs – is a green oasis in the middle of the city. On sunny days guests can take a seat and enjoy a wonderful view over the city squares of Mannheim and beyond.


The visitors can follow the goings on in the kitchen through a glass pane in the main dining room, where white volcanic stone meets beige walls and black tiles. With its open design, Opus V is transparent, personal and interactive.