BMT, Henry Ward Design and A Sea Marine Shortlisted in the IY&A Awards 2015

BMTHenry Ward Design and A Sea Marine have been successfully shortlisted in the International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2015. The Tri60 will compete for the Yacht Concept up to 40 metres Award.

The Tri60® is an exciting new 60’ trimaran that balances Space, Style and Speed in a unique dayboat/weekender platform


The Tri60® was created through the expertise and passion of designers from Asia and Europe to meet the needs of discerning customers world-wide. Available in two variants the Tri60® “Cabriolet” is focussed on outdoor enjoyment, while the Tri60® “Saloon” boasts a spacious cabin straddling the aft deck. Both variants feature an optmised hull form providing clients Space, Style and Speed in a manner no other yacht of its size delivers.


Space – The Tri60® puts the space where you want it – at deck level. Its wide beam is more commonly found in yachts of 90’ and the inclusion of massive skylights and sliding glass doors provides seamless integration of indoor and outdoor areas. The hull hides a four person tender for coastal exploration, while the pontoons store additional deck furniture, fenders and water toys.


Style – The Tri60® turns heads – the focus of attention in any setting. The forward hull arches across to the pontoons, with long sweeping lines defining the powerful poise of the hull, even when at rest. Flexible furniture allows the owner to rapidly and easily tailor the yacht to best suit swimming, lounging, or entertaining and dining.


Speed – The Tri60® has a top speed of 32 knots on its base engine option; more importantly is how it delivers this speed: its narrow hull rides above the waves with smooth comfortable passage making assisted by the optimised pontoon design – delivering 30% efficiency than a comparable monohull at a 25 knot cruising speed. / /