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Private Residence Sunny Valley by Bolshakova Interiors

Bolshakova Interiors have been Shortlisted for  Residential Property Value £2.5-5 million Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2020.

Private Residence Sunny Valley is a country house which has been designed to be an elegant and refined house for a family with a child, where every detail matters. These days it’s not enough to live in a beautiful space, a home needs to be imbued with meaning, and the completion of this residence is a vivid confirmation that perfect interior design must be based on thinking laterally and openly.

Bolshakova Interiors

In the afternoon, the beautifully designed living room is flooded with sunlight. The lounge area has a large window and is perfect for family get togethers. The owner’s personal collection of pictures and ornaments find their ideal place in the house. Individual style is emphasized in the decoration of the house, which is a testament to the client’s active participation policy. The austere furniture design and shining marble used in the design of the kitchen are complemented by cheerful textiles on the windows from the Hermes Jungle Life collection. A much remarked upon highlight of the bathroom is the panel PAMPA from the French house Pierre Frey. It contrasts powerfully with the marble textures, resulting in a stunning overall finish.

Bolshakova Interiors

Dark colours have been used in the bedroom, a controversial choice, however human psychology suggests that in dark colours, we feel more comfortable and protected. The colour surrounds and envelopes us. Also, a private zone such as this allows you to make bold personal decisions, to relax and gain energy for the following day. Today, it’s not enough just to live inside beautiful walls, it is important to fill them with your own meaning, and this house is a positive confirmation of this ethos.

Bolshakova Interiors

The residential design is filled with colours and collectables from all over the world and paintings from the owner’s personal collection. Through the process of decorating, the designer created a truly individual style. Complex but unique solutions create a truly luxurious interior, while classical and modern features combine effortlessly and even the smallest details are brought to perfection.

Bolshakova Interiors

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