Bombardier Business Aircraft achieve shortlist success for the Private Jet Design Award

Bombardier Business Aircraft has been successfully shortlisted by design et al for the 6th annual International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2016

 (11) Forward Galley_B


This new cabin design is inspired by Bombardier Business Aircraft’s new product design language to create a spacious interior feel through ergonomic and intuitive features. This Challenger 650 aircraft includes the well-integrated side-ledge touch screens, the side-deployable tables that optimises space and offers proper placement of first-hand passenger touch-points (e.g. cup-holder and cabin system interface).

 (10) conference 2 seats


Together these features provide the utmost in cabin ergonomics and intuitiveness, while ensuring that no functionality is compromised. Seats also have been completely redesigned offering full-width integrated headrest. Taking advantage of the large cabin cross-section, they provide a roomy 22” in-seat cushion. An intuitive single latch system allows the passenger to effortlessly track in all direction and swivel 360⁰ each single seat. The style has been meticulously developed to offer a contemporary yet timeless look.


(12) divan looking forwards

Passenger Service Units hosting the air gaspers, table and reading lights were integrated in the design philosophy and are an evolution of the “pod” concept introduced in the Challenger 350 and Learjet 70/75. Breaking the linear tunnel-feel of conventional cabin interior design, the grouping of facing passenger seats provides a spacious cabin environment and a roomy bright feel. To complement this novel design, luxurious fabrics and materials were carefully selected to create an interior which enhances the geometry and ergonomics of the whole environment. Cabin elements give a striking look and also enhance the overall cabin feel and sense of usefulness, attention to ergonomics provide the experience and comfort of a superior product while the aesthetics features highlight the richness and the sturdiness of the interior.