Bombardier Business Aircraft announced as sponsor of The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2017

Luxe et al Magazine is delighted to announce Bombardier Business Aircraft as one of the sponsors of The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2017

The International Yacht and Aviation Awards are very significant to Bombardier Business Aircraft and to our industry, as they showcase the world’s leading design, innovation and craftsmanship in luxury travel. Design is a crucial part of Bombardier’s development process in order to create the ultimate in-flight experience and provide creative and ground-breaking solutions to our customers. Every aircraft is designed to create an unforgettable experience for our customers. We use innovative technologies to improve performance, fine details to ensure cabin comfort and a worldwide network to provide unparalleled service. With over 50 years of fine craftsmanship behind us, we know how to deliver an exceptional product to our customers. We look forward to the IY&A awards, as they always inspire the industry with the new technologies and trends, and raise the standards for luxury travel.

Bombardier Business Aircraft Sponsorship 2


BBA’s Challenger 350 business aircraft sets the standards for comfort, convenience and executive productivity by providing the optimal user experience. This aircraft exceeds all expectations, and reaches new heights in performance and comfort with its revolutionary ergonomic side-ledge design, industry-leading cabin experience, and advanced communication capabilities.

The Challenger 350 anticipates and responds to the evolving customer needs and goals. The cabin maximizes natural light and redefines interior comfort, as well as design sophistication. The cabin decor features overhead Passenger Service units and lines of real metal to showcase the refined craftsmanship and quality of our cabins. Advanced technological features, such as an intuitive cabin management system (CMS) that interfaces with personal electronic devices, largest-in-class HD bulkhead monitors, Audio Video on Demand offer a superior business and entertainment experience to Challenger 350 passengers.

The modern galley delivers exceptional countertop potential and storage. BBA offers flexibility regarding configuration of the galley to best fit the specific catering needs of each customer, whether it be a simple snack or complete meal.

The Challenger 350 boasts class-defining performance, a true seats full, tanks full, 3,200 NM (5,926 km) range that connects New York City with London*.

* Under certain operating conditions.

Bombardier Business Aircraft