YUG by Boom Project

Boom Project  have been shortlisted for Restaurant – Global Award in The International Hotel and Property Awards 2020.

Located on the beautiful shoreline of Odessa in Ukraine, the design of this restaurant, YUG, is a harmonious balance of bright, open spaces and an intimate, relaxing mood. The selection of all-natural materials creates a striking, yet charmingly rustic aesthetic; using only wood, metal, glass, and recycled brick.Boom Project

Boom Project were commissioned to design a new restaurant by Sinergy group, a local restaurant operator in Ukraine. The original two storey 900 m2 building, built in the late 1990’s, was mostly demolished, as the client wanted the new project to have little reference to the previous project. What remains however, is the existing industrial metal structure, which has been used as a beautifully interesting design feature throughout.Boom Project

The restaurant is segmented into four major areas, totalling to an area of 2000 m2; an open kitchen with atrium area, fireplace room, banquet hall and the sea view terrace. Most of the furniture, lighting fixtures and the chandeliers were specifically designed for this project, to suit the Mediterranean yet rustic concept. The restaurant has been designed to be a harmonious balance between the voluminous, bright open spaces and the intimate and relaxed mood. Each of the four main areas feature individual and unique design elements, yet the expertly designed floor plans mean that all areas are interconnected with intuitive passages, creating the flowing concept throughout. Despite the restaurant being designed with a distinctive overall style, each space has its own unique identity.

Boom Project

Boom Project’s design approach was “form follows function”. Lighting is key in the restaurant, with both custom designed lighting pieces, and huge windows that allow for the natural sun light to beam through. The choice of all-natural materials creates a multi-dimensional experience through the multiple tactical sensations. Boom Project had a great experience working on this project with their client, Synergy group. It was a close collaboration between architects, designers and clients. They used a unique stylistic approach to create this exquisitely designed, open space restaurant with a real rustic feel to it – YUG.

Boom Project

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