Congratulations to Boscolo, winner of the Bedroom Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2014

London based interior designers Boscolo have successfully won the Bedroom award in the International Design & Architecture Awards 2014.

The project was a complete renovation of Tudor style detached 2500 sqft 5-bedroom home with a south facing rear garden.The scope of the project was a complete renovation of the interior in order to bring it up to date and meet the client’s specific requirements. The clients expressed a desire for a timeless, luxurious space and a design that was sensitive to elements of their faith. Our challenge was to create luxurious and elegant feel, without being ostentatious.

Boscolo 6729

The aim for the master bedroom was to create a calm tone which Boscolo felt that they achieved particularly well through our use of a palette of warm greys combined with elements of contrasting dark wenge wood finishes which added an additional layer of elegance. Spirituality and nature were a running theme in their clients brief, and as such we aimed to draw aspects of this into the materials and finishes in the bedroom. The intention with the lighting layout was to create multiple layers which offer the opportunity for different moods.


The aesthetic qualities of the products that were used permeated through to the spiritual beliefs of the clients without compromising on the integrity of the design. The attention to detail ensured that all items were primarily functional but also appealed to its users’ senses. The successful balance of tranquil colours combined with the layered lighting scheme create the calm and relaxing ambiance required of a bedroom. In addition, the contrasting textures in association with the natural elements fitted perfectly with the clients’ brief.