The Bowl One by Designsmith

Designsmith have been shortlisted for Restaurant – Africas & Middle East Award in The International Hotel and Property Awards 2021.

The Bowl One restaurant in Dubai International Finance Centre offers healthy food from organic produce and sustainable processes, and it is this that formed the seed for the design concept. The client also wanted the space to be an extension of her spunky, entrepreneurial spirit, and so Designsmith stepped in to create interiors that were contemporary yet timeless with modern details.


The design is dominated by clean lines intercepted with subtle curves to guide the circulation of the space. Most of the materials used are natural finishes in subdued colour palates, allowing the wall graphics and decorative lighting to pop. One of the central design features, developed by Designsmith, was the hanging system above the counter with a halo-like glow, which also doubles up as storage for the client’s homegrown pickling and marinating process, helping the jars settle and give that fresh organic vibe. Other design elements, such as the sliding panels on the back wall cabinets that double up as menu boards, the entrance library staircase, and all of the seating and custom steel finished counter spaces were also designed and produced in-house to complement the rustic nature of the space.


The area between the outdoor and indoor seating is blurred via bi-fold doors, creating an inviting atmosphere and the capability of extending the dining space. Al Halabi worked closely with the designers to develop the space planning and details for the kitchen. Sijin Gopinathan executed the custom graphics on the walls that give the place its modern, peppy vibe. All the seating was custom made tailored for the Bowl One which is unique yet comfortable, and  to leverage the impact of social media and embed something truly characteristic of the client’s persona, the designers incorporated circular swing seating as an ‘Instagram nook’ which, along with the graphics and the lighting in the background, truly captures the culinary aesthetic and design ideology of the restaurant.



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